Are Refurbished Monitors Worth Considering?

Are Refurbished Monitors Worth Considering?

Are you looking to buy a new monitor but don't have much cash? Monitors can be a budget buster, especially if you're looking for a high-quality display for gaming, design work, or just upping your Netflix experience. Here's where refurbished monitors come in! Refurbished computer monitors offer you a chance to snag a fantastic product at a significant discount compared to buying brand new. They undergo rigorous testing and refurbishment so that you can grab a great deal on a perfectly functional monitor. In fact, buying refurbished monitors allows you to buy better models and brands that you otherwise may not be able to afford. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading as we explore the reasons why customers often prefer refurbished monitors and the nuances behind buying one.

Understanding Refurbished Monitors

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of buying refurbished monitors, it is important to first know what they are. Refurbished monitors have undergone rigorous repair, replacement of faulty parts, multiple tests, complete diagnosis, and brought up to manufacturing standards before resale. These monitors are entirely different from used monitors in the sense that used monitors are those that have been returned or resold to the manufacturer. These monitors are often sold with no guarantee that they will meet performance or quality standards as those of a new or refurbished monitor.

Assessing Safety and Reliability: Key Considerations

Now, look at some key factors you should consider before buying a refurbished monitor. Warranty Coverage and Return Policies
  • Refurbished computer monitors need to be covered with a proper warranty to cover any missing parts, damage, or repairs. Some of the points to be kept in mind while monitoring warranty coverage include:
  • The length of the warranty coverage should be reasonable.
  • Check what the warranty covers. Ideally, it should cover essential components like display, panel, electronics, and other important parts.
  • Always check the exclusions mentioned in the policy, such as accidental damage, misuse, or unauthorized repairs.
  • Always check if the warranty is being provided by the manufacturer or by a third-party vendor. Manufacturers generally offer better warranty and repair services.
Similarly, for the return policy, some of the things to be considered are:
  • The duration of the return policy allowed by the seller.
  • Conditions under which the monitor can be returned, such as if found defective, missing parts, or if the quality has not met your expectations
  • Check whether the reseller is covering the shipping costs or if they need to be covered by the customer.

Competitive Pricing

Manufacturers often have their refurbished stores that sell Are refurbished products, such as those of Dell, HP renew, and Apple-certified resellers. They usually provide competitive pricing, warranty benefits, and quality assurance. Here are a few more pointers to help you out:
  • Authorized Resellers such as Amazon and Best Buy also provide good-quality options. They source from trusted manufacturing partners and offer significant discounts, warranty benefits, and return policies.
  • Third-party refurbishers of PC monitors often offer lower prices than registered resellers, but their service and warranty options may not always be up to the mark.
  • Other options include local electronic stores and online marketplaces like eBay. However, it is often difficult to trust individual resellers as they hardly provide warranty or return options. When buying from local electronic stores, you can physically inspect the product, providing a much more viable option.
  • To put things in perspective, when bought from Amazon, a new Dell PC monitor costs around Rs.13,999, while a refurbished one costs around Rs.10,000.

Product, Service, and Seller Reviews

Before purchasing a refurbished PC monitor, it is often important to check out customer reviews. Amazon, Flipkart, and online marketplaces like eBay are the best places to check for reviews. While looking out for reviews, only checking the overall rating is a misnomer. Ultimately, it all depends on the monitor you want to purchase, the features you are looking for, how old the refurbished product is, and if a return policy is available. For example, some of the specifications to keep in mind when buying a 4K monitor are as follows:
  • Resolution: The ideal resolution should be 3840*2160 pixels. This is mandatory to consume content with a 4K resolution.
  • Refresh Rate: If you plan to use the monitor for gaming or other fast-paced applications, aim for a refresh rate of at least 144-240Hz.
  • Dead pixels: Monitors often come with dead pixels. Like a full screen with red, green, black, or white colors, solid color tests help detect dead pixels. Pixel checker tools are also available to help detect dead pixels.
  • Connectivity: Ensure your monitor has all the ports you need, such as an HDMI port, USB-C port, Display port, and other USB ports, to ensure peripherals can be attached.
  • Adjustability: Monitors with adjustable stands that help to tilt, rotate, and help height adjust you to enjoy an ergonomic experience with the desired comfort
Additional features include blue light filters, light sensors, built-in speakers, and energy efficiency indicated by a STAR rating.

Reliable Sources for Refurbished Computer Monitors

Once you have done thorough research, buying a refurbished version of a monitor from a certified reseller adeptly providing factory-level quality assurance and warranty benefits to meet your daily requirements is safe. To help you further, here are a few reliable sources through which you can buy refurbished monitors:
  • Apple Certified Refurbished: Apple thoroughly tests and refurbishes these monitors, replacing components like batteries and outer shells as needed. You'll receive a like-new product with a warranty, free shipping, and Apple's renowned customer service.
  • Amazon Renewed: Amazon Renewed offers a wide selection of professionally inspected and tested refurbished monitors from various brands. While third-party sellers are involved, Amazon ensures they meet strict criteria. These monitors come with a 1-year or 90-day return policy instead of a manufacturer's warranty.
  • Online marketplaces: Various marketplaces, such as eBay and Electronics Bazaar, give you access to a wide array of ‘pristine, like-new’ refurbished monitors from multiple brands. These products usually come with a warranty period and a 7-day return window.


Refurbished monitors can be an excellent value proposition for those looking to save money without compromising quality. With substantial discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off the retail price, choosing a refurbished computer monitor from reputable brands like Dell, Acer, and LG can provide a cost-effective solution. These monitors often undergo rigorous quality checks and testing, ensuring that they meet the desired specifications regarding screen size, resolution, refresh rate, and overall performance. Moreover, the availability of replacement parts and after-sales service should be considered when opting for a refurbished monitor. By conducting thorough research, understanding the cost of potential repairs, and purchasing from certified resellers who offer warranty benefits, consumers can confidently invest in refurbished monitors that meet their daily requirements.