Why Rent with us?

Cash-flow Benefit:

  • You can make your payment according to your specific income or monetary necessities with Electronics Bazaar.
  • Rental can be paid in installments i.e. month to month, or quarterly advance, or back-ended.

Liberty to Choose Required Equipment :

  • With Electronics Bazaar rental choice permits you to secure your equipment against becoming out of date.
  • Needed upgrading could be speedy and at moderate extra expenses and without disposal-related issues.

Protection against becoming stale:

  • Rental with Electronics Bazaar permits you to get equipment with the required innovative refinement as opposed to being subject to purchasing what your financial plan permits.
  • Refurbished/Open box/Branded of appliances according to your inclination.

Circumvent inflation :

  • Unlike different costs such as remunerations and utilities, rental installments are fixed and don't intensify extra time. This takes into account more exact benefits and income arranging.

Preserve cash :

  • Renting permits, you to protect your ventures for your centre business needs rather than involving those assets in the foundation needed to maintain the said centre business.
  • Renting gives you a strengthening wellspring of financing, permitting you to save credit lines for other speculation openings.

Obtain off-balance-sheet endowment :

  • Rented equipment is excluded as a resource in your equilibrium sheet under this OPEX model; This might expand your borrowing limit furthermore boosts key monetary proportions, e.g., debt-equity and return on assets.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) :

  • Acquisition costs in deciding on outright purchase get expanded by expenses of installation, implementation, deactivation and troubleshooting, and so on.
  • Renting choices subsequently work out cost-adequately, lessening the TCO.

The better option for interim necessities:

  • A favoured choice for Exhibitions, Presentations, Promotional Events,and so forth, or to meet the unexpected extension in tasks.
  • Ideal for new companies and new associations during the foundation and troubleshooting stage.

Time frame:

  • You can rent your equipment term starting from multi-month to up to 2 years or more.

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