Certified Refurbished products

What are Refurbished Products?

Refurbished gadgets are used devices which undergo stringent quality checks, are repaired if need be and restored to their original settings before they are sold. These devices may show signs of external wear and tear like scratches etc. with the products being fully functional and in working condition. They provide the same level of performance and reliability as compared to new equipment at a significantly lower cost, thus bringing in a lot of efficiency. All used mobiles and laptops which come to Electronics Bazaar are well-tested by the technical team and then made available to customers online on Electronicsbazaar.com at attractive prices.Refurbished products carry 1 year to 6 months EB Warranty depending on their categories.

Refurbished Device Journey

  • Screening of Products
    Screening of Products
  • Refurbishing
  • Testing
  • Quality Checks Screening
    Quality Checks
  • Packaging

Why Purchase Refurbished Products?

Buying Refurbished gadgets is a cost-effective solution, as the pricing is significantly lower as compared to new products. This allows the end consumers to enjoy savings - a perfect choice if you prefer utility over looks and aesthetics. These products are fully functional and undergo multiple testing checks and balances to ensure standard performance and stability. So if your judgment is not completely clouded by external scratches and cosmetic blemishes, you can make huge savings with Refurbished gadgets without compromising on utility, features and functionality.

Key Features of Refurbished Product

  • Fully Functional Gadget
  • Undergo Stringent Quality Checks
  • Refurbished Products are an environment-friendly choice
  • May have minor External Wear and Tear, Scratches
  • 15 days EB Testing Warranty
  • Heavily Discounted Price

Refurbished products Guidelines

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