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IT Leasing Solution

Countless Reasons for leasing or Nay ?

Cash Flow

  • Conserve Capital & lines of credit
  • Pay as you use
  • Match payments to cash flow
  • Reduce cash requirements during life
  • Lack of access to finance


  • Prefers equipment vs. ownership risks
  • Upgrade Flexibility
  • Trade up to avoid obsolescence Vendor-relationship management
  • Agile technology refresh FMV lease
  • Reduce asset Management

Balance Sheet

  • Sale/lease back to generate cash
  • Measured for performance by ROA/ROE
  • Capex to OPEX Optimum ROI to investment benefit realization
  • Evade budget planning constraint for IT projects
  • Hedge against inflation


  • Deduct 100% of Lease Payments
  • Loss carry forwards
  • No hassle e-waste disposal and recycling requirement
  • Reduce equipment value Risk
  • Unfavorable regulations
Our Leasing Solution is an easy, quick and economical solution to get the equipment your business needs to thrive