Sell your old Laptop & Smartphone

Terms & Conditions

1. IMEI/serial Number will be verified at the time of pick up by logistics personnel

2. By participating in the Sell Your Gadget program, I confirm that this device is bought from the customer through exchange program and nowhere else.

3. I understand that the following checks will be conducted at Electronics Bazaar warehouse:

  • Brand and model of the old device matches the declaration provided by me in the website at the time of exchange
  • IMEI/serial number of the old device, provided by me in the website is correct and there is no mismatch

4. I understand that in the event the device is not working or there is any mismatch in the information provided by me regarding the device when checked by the warehouse personnel, then the exchange offer will stand cancelled and the item quarantine. Customer service team will engage with partner for further assistance and closure.

5. I confirm that device which I am exchanging under the exchange program is genuine and is not counterfeit, free from any and all encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws, exchange or any agreement of sale etc. I undertakes that it will be my sole responsibility to check the genuineness of the product before sending it to and shall never be held responsible as regards to the same.

6. As far as the price of exchange product is concerned, the chart for the same is already provided for the time being. It can be changed from time to time by and the same shall be informed to the Partner at least 7 days prior to its implementation.

7. I agree to indemnify and keep indemnifying, the retailer and any future buyer of the device against all or any third party claims, demand, cost, expenses including attorney fees which may be suffered, incurred, undergone and / or sustained by, its affiliates, the retailer or any future buyer due to usage of the device by me till date and I undertake to make good the same, by paying a compensation within a period of 30 days.

8. I understand that the price quoted for the old device at the time of checkout is the final price offered by for the old device. The final price will be inclusive of all taxes, discounts and other offers available on the product trade-in program.

9. I understand that for certain select devices which are running on the latest version of Android/Windows/IOS operating system, there is a program for real-time condition assessment which may provide me a higher exchange value for my old device. The following terms and conditions will apply for the condition assessment of the old device:

  • The old device should be running on the latest version of the Android/Windows/IOS operating system
  • The old device should be accessing the exchange program through the latest version of the mobile application
  • The entire online quality check will have to be completed in the old device and no test should be skipped
  • has the complete and sole discretion to provide a higher rate or apply the same rate for the exchange of the old device once the condition assessment is completed
  • I understand that agreeing to the condition assessment program will allow and its third party service providers access to my device, solely in relation to conducting the assessment of the quality parameters of my device. In the event my device is eligible for condition assessment and I choose for the condition assessment, I hereby agree to and its service providers accessing my device for the purposes of conducting the condition assessment.
10. I understand that for old devices which are Windows, iOS devices and previous versions of Android, or, where the exchange program is being availed from the website or application, will receive a flat rate as the value of the old device depending on the brand, model and the result of the check conducted by the delivery personnel.

11. I agree that all the accessories (earphones, power adaptors, charger etc.) will be collected at the time of collecting the old device.

12. No documents (bills, warranty card etc.) of old device will be collected during collection of the old device.

13. I confirm that all the data in the said device will be erased before handing it over under exchange program. I also confirm that in spite of erasing the data manually/electronically, if any data still accessible due any technical reason, shall not be responsible for the same and I will not approach for any retrieval of the data.

14. I hereby give my consent that my personal information that I have provided in connection with this exchange program might be processed, transferred and retained by and other entities involved in managing the program for the purposes of validating the information that I provided herein and for the administration of the program.

15. I understand and agree that in the event that the exchange offer is cancelled as a result of the old device failing any of the checks for the product exchange program mentioned in this terms and conditions, the refund of any payment made will be after deducting the pickup charges.

16. Disputes: In case of any disputes, I agree to settle the disputes amicably without recourse to any legal battle.

17. Jurisdiction: The courts in Mumbai shall have the sole jurisdiction to try and entertain any disputes and no other court other than that.