Laptops have become an integral part of our lives. Whether you’re a working professional, a student, or a content creator, a laptop is a vital tool. The current pandemic has also tilted the balance in favor of these portable PCs so you can get things done from anywhere. However, a breakdown or malfunction can throw you off balance halting your activities. Like everything else, laptops usually come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to safeguard you from such unfortunate events. But should something occur after the warranty period, an extended warranty can be a saving grace? This guarantees some peace of mind with coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period. It typically commences as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty period expires and can last for up to three years, depending on what you choose. So, with a small investment, you are fully protected against the unwarranted cost of repairs or replacements for a couple of years after the initial warranty.

Laptops aren’t always cheap and so opting for an extended warranty is a good decision if you’re a heavy user, travel frequently, or intend to keep your laptop for a few years before upgrading. Consider an instance where your otherwise sturdy Dell Vostro takes an unfortunate tumble off a table, landing on a marble floor. The display cracks and perhaps the keyboard is a little damaged too. All of this is in the second year of using the device and your warranty is expired. A Dell warranty extension, which you paid extra for during its purchase, comes to the rescue. You can have the screen replaced and the keyboard fixed at no cost.

Electronics Bazaar is one such place that offers great laptops from top brands with extended warranties like the HP extended warranty and Lenovo extended warranty, among a wide range of options. Buy a plan that works for you. Some of the features and benefits you get with an extended warranty would include: Up To 3 Years Coverage You can opt for up to 3 years' additional warranty and get 100% coverage on parts and labor costs. High-Quality Repairs You can rest assured that the parts used are genuine and your device is serviced by authorized professionals. Doorstep Service The device is picked up from your home and is later delivered to your doorstep, so you can sit back and relax. Availability Online You can buy an extended warranty plan online in just a few clicks. Cashless Repair Your device can be repaired without you having to pay any cash upfront.