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Buying an Out Of Box Mobile is A Good Idea

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When it comes to mobile phones, budget played an important part once upon a time – that’s not the case anymore. With various options ranging from affordable EMIs to refurbished, renewed and out of box mobiles, our much-sought after Apple or Samsung mobile phones are well within reach.

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Let’s talk about the Out of Box option (also called unboxed or open box mobile phone) that refers to seal-opened mobile phones which are returned by customers almost immediately after purchase. Imagine a scenario where someone bought a brand-new OnePlus mobile phone or any of the many Redmi mobile phones and gets home to find that his spouse has a gift in store – the same or better model! More often than not one of these ends up back on some dealer’s shelf. So, you’re quite often buying a brand-new mobile phone that just took a slight detour before ending up in your hand.

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An out of box mobile is NOT a refurbished or second-hand phone that has been cosmetically improved to mend the appearance or hide wear and tear. Buying an out of box mobile is as good as buying a brand-new one, with all the accessories, minus its original sealed box.

Pros of buying an out of box mobile from a reliable source

Great prices

Buying an out of box mobile is a great option that lets you save some money. And sometimes the price difference can astonish you. You can own your favourite brand or model without it burning a hole in your pocket. Well, that alone is a strong reason for many, but saving money is not the only thing.

Warranty is still guaranteed

If you buy it from a reputed or trusted source, like Electronics Bazaar, you also get a 1-year replacement warranty, 50% buy back, a 10-day return policy and the assurance of a trusted seller to keep your anxiety in check.

Fully inspected & tested

You’re assured that the product has been tested by the dealer to ensure functionality and peace of mind. Plus, you get all the original accessories that were included in the box.

No waste/clutter from boxes

By opting for an out of box mobile, you are also being a responsible citizen by doing your bit to save the environment. Out of box mobiles effectively translates into less e-waste and unwanted packaging material choking our landfills.
If high Samsung phone prices or OnePlus mobile prices are affecting your decision to purchase either brand’s flagship model, don’t worry about it; consider their out of box mobile alternative.

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