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  • 3 deciding factors for your next refurbished product

    refurbished desktop

    Whatever the case may be, there are certain things we need to keep in mind while buying a refurbished product, so we get a good deal and ensure our money is well-invested. So whether it’s a refurbished desktop, laptop, phone, etc., let’s take a look at the three deciding factors why this trend is getting the attention it deserves:


     A valid warranty is the most important part of a deal for any product, refurbished or not. Ideally, most trusted sellers offer a warranty on refurbished products. If a warranty is not offered, then back off and save yourself some stress and move on to a legitimate source that offers a legitimate warrant with every sale.


     Another important point to take into consideration is whether the seller has the certifications necessary for refurbishers, which includes Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) issued by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for proper channelization of e-waste to ensure environmentally sound management of such waste. Also, certified refurbished products are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and repaired if needed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. This makes the refurbished product different from used or second-hand products which are sold in an as-is condition.

    Value for money

     Last, but not least, one should always look for a deal that’s value for money. Check the fine points carefully and see what you are getting for the money that you spend. Pointers to consider are buyback options, free shipping, and other things like a discount on bulk buying, etc. If you own a small business and need to buy refurbished laptops for your staff, then the bulk buying option might make the deal so much more affordable. 

    So whether you’re planning to buy cheap refurbished laptops for your whole team for yourself or looking for a refurbished smartphone to upgrade, it makes total sense to consider these points to avoid any future hassles. And if you buy your next refurbished product from a reputed and trusted source like Electronics Bazaar, you are covered. They have the necessary certifications and all of their refurbished products are backed with a 1-year replacement warranty. Plus you get 50% assured buyback, a 10-day return policy, and, of course, the assurance of a trusted seller to keep your anxiety in check

  • Why purchasing refurbished desktop computers online is becoming popular

    Work from home culture has become the new norm for a lot of professionals and students, making both parties rely heavily on digital resources like computer systems at home to get things done. But brand new computer setups can be a little expensive so making refurbished desktop computers a great alternative. 

    For a price that’s lower than a brand new system, but with the same output, you can get a good deal that’s perfect for a WFH setup or online lectures.  

    refurbished pc

    One thing worth noting here is that a refurbished PC does not mean a second-hand or “used” computer. These desktop computers are returned by customers for various reasons and are not heavily used – some systems are returned within months, or weeks from their purchase date. Each of them goes through strict quality checks before being offered for sale.

    Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of buying a refurbished desktop:


    refurbished desktop computers

     When you buy a refurbished desktop computer, the first benefit you get is a lower price tag. A brand new desktop PC can put a bigger dent in your wallet if you consider high-configuration systems, but you can buy a system with the same configuration for much less if you opt for a refurbished desktop PC. The money you save on this can be used for buying accessories to complement your PC setup. 

    Good accessories are still available for a refurbished desktop

    refurbished desktop

     Buying a refurbished desktop doesn’t mean you can’t have your desired accessories such as a good router, or a high-resolution web camera for those quintessential video meetings or online lectures, or even a wireless mouse and keyboard. You can even pair your desktop PC with your favorite Bluetooth headset with simple add-ons and, of course, add a printer, if need be.

    Same performance for less price

     Refurbished desktops go through stringent inspection and testing as well as cleaning before you purchase them. Depending on the need, they are even repaired or upgraded for performance to ensure the desired functionality. There are no faulty parts that hinder the proper functioning of the device in any manner. So buying one is not too different from a desktop “off the rack”; they’re as good as new, function seamlessly, and fit well within almost every budget.


     If you buy from a trusted and reliable source, like Electronics Bazaar, you get a 1-year replacement warranty along with other benefits like a no-cost EMI option, a 10-days ‘no questions asked return policy, and 50% assured buyback.

  • A good monitor is a must for those working from home

    windows 10 computer

    Working from home is not a new culture, but the current pandemic has brought it to the forefront of our professional lives. And that calls for a proper WFH set up with a good computer system to ensure that the job is done.

    Here are some points to signify the importance of a good monitor for those working from home:

     More screen real estate

     No one can deny that a monitor offers you more screen real estate compared to the biggest laptop of any brand unless you’re comfortable working on a briefcase-size device. This becomes more evident when working on spreadsheets or creating or editing media. 

    Sturdy and versatile

    second hand desktop computers

     Monitors are generally sturdy devices and come in various sizes to adjust with your WFH setup. You can go from normal-sized in the 21” space, to ultra-wide and some as large as 32” depending on your need, and, of course, budget. Resolution is also key, depending on your profession - FHD or 4K. 

    Multitasking is a breeze

     Multitasking is a breeze on a wide-screen monitor or a larger display size. You can open multiple windows and work flawlessly without having to close one window to get a better look at the other. This makes working hassle-free and far less annoying. This comes real handy when you constantly have to compare two documents while working on a project. And in some cases, a setup with dual monitors, with each showcasing a different application, can be of tremendous help.

    Connect it to your laptop

     Even if you work on a laptop, you can still beef it up by hooking it up to a larger screen monitor to bypass the constraints of a cramped screen workspace. Or, as mentioned, you can use it as a secondary screen to go from mini to max and increase your productivity, without even having to spend on a brand new or refurbished desktop.

    Good for your posture and eyesight

     Working on a monitor is definitely good health-wise too. You maintain a proper posture while sitting in front of a monitor and don’t have to strain your eyes too much. A good monitor usually comes with technology that reduces screen glare and keeps your eyes safe even if you spend long hours in front of it. A good monitor, in collaboration with high-powered refurbished desktop computers can be a good WFH investment.

  • A refurbished desktop can be your perfect WFH partner; here's why

    A refurbished desktop computer
    second hand desktop

    does not mean a second-hand or used computer. These desktop computers are returned for various reasons by customers and go through strict quality checks before they’re put on sale. Ultimately you’ll still get the desired configuration, one that’s put through its paces and is within  your budget.

    Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of buying a refurbished desktop for a home office set up:-

    The price is right

    When you buy a refurbished desktop computer, the first benefit you get is great savings in the total cost of your WFH setup. A brand new desktop PC can be a bigger burden on you if you want a system with a high-configuration. However, it’s possible to also get the same for much less if you opt for a refurbished desktop PC. The money you save can be used for buying accessories for your WFH setup.

    You can still get great accessories for your PC

    Buying a refurbished desktop doesn’t reduce your options for choosing great accessories to complement your system and set up the desired home office in the manner you always wanted. You can buy your favourite headset, webcam, router, keyboard and mouse combo, and even a printer to pair with this desktop.

    No compromise in performance

    Refurbished desktops are thoroughly inspected and cleaned before they make it to the proverbial shelf. They are even repaired or upgraded for performance to ensure the desired functionality. You’ll find no faulty parts or non-functioning components that mar the proper functioning of the system. So when you buy a refurbished desktop PC, you are actually buying a desktop that is as good as new and one that doesn’t cost quite as much.


    If you buy a refurbished desktop from a trusted source like Electronics Bazaar, you’ll also get a 1-year replacement warranty along with other benefits like a no-cost EMI option, 10-days no-questions-asked return policy, and 50% assured buyback. So it’s definitely worth the consideration.

  • Must-have PC accessories for the perfect WFH setup

    The ongoing Covid pandemic has taught us many lessons in the past year. Apart from changing our behavior with regards to our surroundings and overall hygiene, it has also rewritten the rules for work culture. Daily commuting to an office has been replaced by a work-from-home culture that seems like it’s our new normal for awhile, at least.

    refurbished desktop pc

    Apart from a good PC, we need certain accessories that allow us to work seamlessly from home without compromising on our productivity. Even if you choose a refurbished desktop while setting up your home office, you can opt for good PC accessories to complement your system. Make sure you buy from a reliable and trusted source like Electronics Bazaar to enjoy the warranty as you work from home.

    So, let’s take a look at some of the must-have accessories that make WFH a breeze as we deal with the uncertainties of yet another lockdown being forced upon us. 


    PC accessories

    A good router is at the forefront of any WFH setup. It ensures that you’re connected to your team 24x7 without losing a beat. But aside from work, a good router also ensures your home environment is fully connected for internet access. Choose a router that meets all your needs and matches your internet connectivity speed for the best output, something with good range and a warranty to keep you covered.


    WFH Accessories

    A headsetis another accessory that’s become a must-have for a perfect WFH setup. With the office teams now fragmented into an array of individuals contributing from their homes, the headset is what keeps the team connected during those crucial video meetings as well as daily collaborations on projects. Choose a headset that’s comfortable for long calls, has good mic pick-up, and one where audio quality is not compromised. Bluetooth headsets are also a great option to keep your WFH set up wire-free. 

    Keyboard and mouse

    A keyboard and mouse combo allows you to convert your thoughts effectively into words and design and boost your productivity even if you are confined to your living room. There are wired as well as wireless options available, but that’s your personal choice depending on your need and the time you spend sitting in front of your PC. You’ll want to consider a keyboard with soft keys, that are well placed and a mouse that doesn’t get in the way of your creativity. 

    Check out some of the options that are available on Electronics Bazaar where you’ll find great deals and offers to make your WFH life a lot easier.

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