Hewlett Packard, or HP, as it is widely known among the masses, is a popular brand that comes to mind whenever we discuss laptops. No doubt, there are plenty of brands available in the market, but it’s safe to say that HP laptops do enjoy a high level of repute.

HP laptops are available in a variety of configurations with many series and falling under various price brackets – from low-budget laptops designed for personal use to high-end notebooks for professionals. You can choose to buy laptops online from HP or pick one up from a store. But it doesn’t matter which price segment or list of best laptops you search for online, you’ll almost always see an entry from HP. So what makes HP such a reputed brand and why are their products so popular? Here are a few answers to that question:- Versatile Range You can get an HP laptop for practically every scenario. Whether you’re an ace professional who needs a high configuration for specific work or just a casual user who needs a laptop for basic tasks such as internet browsing and binge watching their favourite Netflix shows, HP has a solution for everyone. The vast range of HP laptops gives you the liberty to buy your desired configuration without compromise. Build And Performance HP Laptops are sturdy enough to last for as long as you require. Apart from impressive build quality, their laptops come with top-of-the-shelf processors, long-lasting batteries, and powerful innards, depending on your requirement. Great Prices You will easily find that the HP i5 laptop price is extremely competitive with any of the other brands out there. HP laptop prices are just as variable as the range, so you’re quite assured of finding one that you like, irrespective of your budget.

Customer Care

Customer care is the keyword when it comes to rating any laptop brand – even more so when it comes to electronic products. HP definitely passes this test with flying colours. The brand has service centers in almost all the major cities around the globe. You won’t have to search frantically or go too far to get your laptop serviced or repaired. Plus an HP laptop battery or even an HP laptop charger replacement is a hassle-free process too. HP has an excellent team of skilled engineers who provide the best customer care and technical support. For a lot of businesses, HP provides some of the best company laptops to employees who travel or are currently working from home.