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Dell XPS 13 Laptop a Good choice for Content Creators

Dell laptops are known for their build quality and promising specs. These are available in a vast range of configurations, depending on your requirement. But it’s not always in everyone’s budget to get a brand new one, so opting for a Dell refurbished laptop can be a good idea.

dell xps 13

The Dell XPS 13, in particular, is aimed at content creators like graphic designers and video editors. The seamless features and powerful specs of this Windows 10 computer make it one of the best offerings in the market for professionals who want to transform their imagination into impressive portfolios. Even refurbished, you won’t miss a beat.
Let’s take a look at some of the specs that make this laptop a great choice for content creators:


The InfinityEdge Dolby Vision UHD screen with a thin bezel provides more real estate and lifelike colours for content creation – be it video editing or graphic designing. And its edge-to-edge keyboard, with a large touchpad, offers a helping hand during crucial editing sessions. Plus, you get an integrated HD webcam that helps you collaborate with other creators while working on a group project. 

Powerful innards

The Windows 10-based laptop comes with up to 10th Gen Intel core processors combined with Intel(R) HD Graphics to give you more power to do all those graphics-intensive editing jobs. You also get up to 16GB RAM and a 1TB Hard Disk Drive to create and store your projects. 

Battery life

The Dell XPS 13 comes with a powerful battery that is so very essential for video editing and other content creation jobs while on-the-go. It assures you that you don’t have to search for a socket in the midst of your work.
However, what puts a dampener on the celebration is the high price tag that comes attached with a high-powered laptop like this. A brand-new Dell XPS 13 is expensive, but if you’re a content creator on a budget, get one of their refurbished laptops

dell refurbished laptops

Refurbished laptops are not necessarily ‘used laptops’, in a strict sense. These are returned for various reasons and go through stringent inspection, cleaning, and even repairs or upgrades before they’re put on sale. What you finally get is a laptop with your desired configuration that is thoroughly tested and fits in your budget.
A refurbished Dell XPS 13 is your best bet if you are a content creator but with brand-new Dell laptops prices being a big high, because of their quality, refurbished is the way to go. Get it from a trusted source, like Electronics Bazaar and you’ll even the option of a no cost EMI option, with a 10-day return policy, and up to 2 years warranty.

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