A Good Monitor Is A Must For Those Working From Home Working from home is not a new culture, but the current pandemic has brought it to the forefront of our professional lives. And that calls for a proper WFH set up with a good computer system to ensure that the job is done.

A small laptop screen can never match the productivity and ease that a monitor provides, especially for most content creators, making it an important element of any WFH setup. Even if you opt for a refurbished desktop PC, a good monitor adds real value for working from home in various fields.

Here are some points to signify the importance of a good monitor for those working from home: More Screen Real Estate No one can deny that a monitor offers you more screen real estate compared to the biggest laptop of any brand unless you’re comfortable working on a briefcase-size device. This becomes more evident when working on spreadsheets or creating or editing media.

Sturdy And Versatile 

Monitors are generally sturdy devices and come in various sizes to adjust with your WFH setup. You can go from normal-sized in the 21” space, to ultra-wide and some as large as 32” depending on your need, and, of course, budget. Resolution is also key, depending on your profession - FHD or 4K. Multitasking Is A Breeze Multitasking is a breeze on a wide-screen monitor or a larger display size. You can open multiple windows and work flawlessly without having to close one window to get a better look at the other. This makes working hassle-free and far less annoying. This comes real handy when you constantly have to compare two documents while working on a project. And in some cases, a setup with dual monitors, with each showcasing a different application, can be of tremendous help. Connect It To Your Laptop Even if you work on a laptop, you can still beef it up by hooking it up to a larger screen monitor to bypass the constraints of a cramped screen workspace. Or, as mentioned, you can use it as a secondary screen to go from mini to max and increase your productivity, without even having to spend on a brand new or refurbished desktop. Good For Your Posture And Eyesight Working on a monitor is definitely good health-wise too. You maintain a proper posture while sitting in front of a monitor and don’t have to strain your eyes too much. A good monitor usually comes with technology that reduces screen glare and keeps your eyes safe even if you spend long hours in front of it. A good monitor, in collaboration with high-powered refurbished desktop computers can be a good WFH investment.